How To Work Remotely

If you want me to tell you the magic secret. The one thing that will change your life forever, you are not going to find it here. You won’t find it anywhere. I have a lot to say on the industry of self-help and the sensationalized, over-promising titles that come with it. In the end they are selling a dream. I want to provide real world advice, and in the real world there are no magic pills. No sugar-coating.

Batukaru temple Bali

Temple in Bali. Taken while working remotely.

What is exciting is that we do live in a time that has the opportunity for unprecedented freedom of career choice and work environment.

You know when people say the internet has changed everything? It has changed EVERYTHING. Skype, Google Docs, Evernote, remote access and social media didn’t exist 10 years ago and yet they are tools that have integrated seemlessly into our lives. However, most of us aren’t using these extremely powerful tools to their true potential.

“Get to the point already!”
O.K. O.K. I was just setting up. By using some of these new tools, you have 4 main ways to go remote, each with their advantages and disadvantages.

Go Remote By:

  1. Freelancing – Quickest way to start making an income. Low risk. Scaling.
  2. Starting an online business (Coming Soon) – Potential for high income. Start-up costs.
  3. Starting an income generating blog – Low risk, low cost. Initial work before seeing returns.
  4. Negotiating your way out of the office (Coming Soon)- Secure way to earn. Having a consistent paycheck makes eases a lot of worries. Accountable to someone else.