Step 8: Automate

Time: 5-10 hours initial and then 5 hours/month maintenance


Its time to turn to the modern power of the internet and globalization to make our jobs a little bit easier. Once we have set up a system and understand the best ways to complete the tasks it is time to automate and outsource the process.


Automating your blog work is actually pretty easy. There are two major tools at our disposal that will help us automate what can be. First is Hootsuite. Hootsuite allows us to plan and write posts for our social media accounts and publish them whenever we want. No need to log onto Facebook 3 times a day to write your post. Simply set up a weeks worth of posts and drip feed them out.

The next service is actually a feature right inside WordPress and accomplishes the same thing but with your blog posts. After you write you post, at the top right above the publish button, you will see text that says ‘Publish: Immediately edit’. Click edit and choose the date and time for it to go live.


Your blog should now be picking up momentum and writing, promoting and responding to readers is going to feel like full time job. Luckily, nothing that you are doing is especially hard for someone else to do. You should remain the ideas guy (or gal), calling the shots but the more menial tasks can start to be outsourced. I’d recommend getting two virtual assistants each with their own objectives.

To find a VA simple sign up with a service like Elance or Odesk. You will be able to post a job and your budget and people from all around the world will be able to bid on your job.

Don’t go rushing into getting a VA tho. They are very powerful and will free up a lot of your time to spend as you wish but unless you know what you are doing first you cannot properly train them. Having a VA that is will to undergo some training over Skype is a must.

The first VA should concentrate on promotion. Everything in Step 7 can be done by a virtual assistant (also know as admin support) and by now you should have a system in place for promoting your site and new posts. Because some of the tasks will require posting to forms and blog on your behalf I would urge you hire someone who is a native English speaker. In my experience someone from the Philippines is a great option as they are affordable and excellent English speakers.

The second one is much harder to find. You will have to search and contact friends and post jobs and pay multiple people for the same task to quality test standards. This VA will be your ghost writer. Someone who is impeccable at English (better that you hopefully) and has a critical mind and is a stickler for quality. These people are gems and once you find one hold on to them!

Going forward you will be able to shoot your ghost writer an email with an idea and some sources and they will be able to string together a post. Then forward that email on to your admin support and have them format the post in Wordpess, publish it and promote it across platforms.

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