Step 7: Getting Out There

Step 7: Getting Out There

Time: Continuous


This is the next break area for many people who start sites. If you can get past this step then you are ahead of 80% of the people. Because this a multifaceted approach we will breakdown it down into tasks. Also, no one approach will work by it’s self. You will need to employ several, analyze and focus your time on the select few that has the greatest return.

  • Interact with other blogs and websites that operate in a similar niche. Join communities, forums, subreddits and blogs that have to do with your niche. When you sign up for website and they will often ask for your website or put it in your profile bio. If you need to find high pr (page rank) blogs in your niche use a service like ScrapeBox ($97). I personally would not use the automated commenting system as it comes across as spammy but instead use it to find the right sites to manually engage with. Then go in and manually comment on posts and forums.
  • Interact with the leaders of the field on social networks. Engage with them on Twitter or Facebook. They already have a lot of eyes on their social profiles and are often on the hunt for good unique content that they can share.
  • Guest blogging: Guest blogging simply means writing an blog post for a site related to your field. Much like blog commenting you are targeting an audience that has already shown similar interests and on a platform that is already developed. It is a lot of work but one of the most effective ways to build an audience and get some quality backlinks to your site. *Remember to include 2-3 text links back to your site within the post.
  • Article curator sites: Sites like Quora and Medium have a huge audience and if your article is picked up by one of them you can expect to see a sizable boost in traffic.
  • Youtube Videos: Youtube videos show up very high in searches and a great way to get very personal with your audience. Takes some time to make videos but the quality of engagement is huge.
  • Yahoo Answers: This one takes some patients but an interesting hack for driving traffic. Create a profile with Yahoo Answers and start answering questions related to your niche. Log on once a day for a week and answer a couple questions to the best of your knowledge. After the first week continue that process but add your website url in the sources section.

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