Step 6: Writing

Time: 1 hour per post


writing for you blog

Step 6 and we are finally at the writing part. This is where to have taken your chosen niche and start cranking away at it. Get a good cup of coffee or glass of gin or whatever you use to get your creative juicing going and just start writing. If you are stuck take a walk. The best is when you get into a flow. Tip: When you get into one of these ‘flows’ you DO NOT stop until the ‘flow’ is done or you pass out. These flows come and go so don’t waste one by saying that you have already written for an hour then stop. I wrote the majority of this sites main content in 3 flow sessions.

Try and publish at least once a week. This will signal to Google and your readers that this is an active blog and the readers will want to follow or engage with you. It’s nice to have several posts on the burner so that you can drip feed them to the blog. As you have chosen a subject for your blog that is both specific and hopefully something you are familiar with you should be able to put a twist or spin on anything to make it unique. Make sure you do NOT copy and paste content from another site. This will hurt your search engine rankings. It is find to copy a topic and rewrite it in your own words but do not copy word for word.

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