Step 4: Optimizing for Search

Step 4: Optimizing for Search (SEO)

Time: 4-5 hours

Cost: Free


How to optimize your income blog for Google and search. After we have our theme and design going it is time to optimize your site for search engines. There is a lot that you can do concerning SEO and people have entire 9-5’s doing this (which can be done 100% remotely BTW) but we can get most of the way there with a few basic free tools.


To install a plugin, log in to your WordPress backend and look to the left. Hover over plugin and click “Add New” then enter the plugin names below.

  1. SEO by Yoast: This is a great plugin that will help you write the basic description tags for your posts. I will explain how to do that later as it is done when writing posts. It has other features like automatic sitemap creation and pinging Google each time you publish a post.
  2. WP Cache: This plug-in is designed to help your site run faster. Google is taking into account your page speed more and more so this is a critical plugin. It takes a second to learn the layout but it’s totally worth it.
  3. Images: Let’s talk about images for a second. Images are so crucial the user experience on your site that every site need them. However, as mention above Google takes site speed into consideration so we need to balance the two. First, we should be saving our images at a reasonable resolution. What I mean by that is you should resize your images to the smallest size that you are going to need in your post. If your post container is 1000px wide then resize your images to 1000px wide exactly.
    If you are unsure about you container width then you can find out by using the Inspect Element tool in Google Chrome.

After you have the right resolution we need to make sure the image is compress properly which takes us to: EWWW Image Optimizer. This nifty plugin with compress your images as you upload them so they can be the optimal size without loosing quality.

  • Social Sharing: Another one of Google’s newest search algorithm updates takes social media queues into account so it is important to make your site easy to share. I have found that having a floating sidebar on the left and bottom of a post is the most effective. See for yourself on the left. If you click one of them the number goes up :D. I have coded my own before but using something like Sumome should do the trick for 95% of you. Install the plugin and go to their site to set it up.




  1. Webmaster Tools:Sign-up for Google’s free webmaster tools to get info about the health of your site and what keywords people are using to find it.
  2. Analytics: Also sign up for Google Analytics to see how your users are interacting with your site. Like how long they are staying and what content they concentrate on.

OK, you should be all set to go. Your site should be up and running at optimal speed, easy for Google to index and easy to share. We are ready for the next step! Writing!

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