Step 3: Styling

Time: 2 – ∞ minutes

Cost: Free – $63


This part is optional. WordPress comes standard with a theme that is perfectly fine to use. There are also hundreds of free themes to browse through. Just go to Appearance>Theme>Add New and start browsing

However, if you would like something designed by some very talented designers head to Theme Forest to pick from one of thousands of awesome themes. I personally use Salient for many of the sites I build as it is so versatile and really easy to customize your layouts on the back-end.

Once you have chosen your theme and purchased it, then it is just a matter of uploading the .zip file to Appearance>Theme>Add New>Upload Theme

I put infinity minutes at the top because you can spend way too long concentrating on your site design. I know people who get stuck in this phase and burn themselves out on it and never make it to step 10! Be smarter than that and concentrate more on the content rather than design.

*Pro-tip: If you pick another theme, do not choose one that has less than 4-stars. Chances are the code will be sloppy or theme support is bad or they do not update often.

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