Step 10: How to Monetize Your Blog!

Step 10: How to Monetize Your Blog!

Time: 3 hours

how to monetize a blog

It is time for all of our initial work to start paying off. There are many options for monetizing your blog and each had different benefits and drawbacks. These are my solutions to the question how to monetize your blog?

     1. Selling ad space: Probably the most known method of monetizing your blog but it’s effectiveness has declined over the past several years. Earnings are frightfully low and you cannot really chose what the ads look like on your site. Google Adsense is the biggest player in this realm and worth looking at if you want to go down this route.

     2. Affiliate marketing: This is probably one of my favorite ones. It can be done non-intrusively and can generate high earnings.

It works by signing up with various companies as an affiliate which basically means that if anyone buys a product or service via a link you provided then you get paid. It is almost like selling something on commission but the cost isn’t any higher to the customer.

This goes without saying – but only recommend buying products that you truly believe in! I recommend Bluehost as a hosting provider because I use them and think their service is great. I have used about half a dozen other hosts butI’ve switched all my sites over to them.

Another notable affiliate program is Amazon. Linking to a product on their site will get you a commission on that sale AND any other purchase that person makes in 24 hours.

Check any of the medium and larger companies that play in your niche. Chances are that they too have affiliate programs.

     3. Selling knowledge: If you have amassed a level of skill or knowledge in your niche then selling what you have learned is a great way to make an income. You can hold online private consulting courses, sell an ebook explaining or create an actual curriculum and impart your knowledge. For ebooks, Amazon makes it extremely easy to publish an ebook on their Kindle store. You don’t have to go through publishers, editors and distributors, just direct access to millions of potential buys in minutes.

     4. Selling a product: If your audience is excited enough about what you do, then there is a good chance you can make a living selling something. Instagrammer Foster Huntington has a very large and dedicated following . People who are fascinated with his mobile lifestyle and mobile photography. He has used this opportunity to sells two coffee-table photo books. The publisher is a off-site fulfillment service so he does have to deal with any physical inventory. All online, all remote. 

There are many other ways of turning a large readership into income but I prefer these options as they are the least obtrusive. Your audience is not your cash cow and thus I am omitting other income sources that might ‘trick’ your audience to give something up they are not prepared to do. Your first objective is to help your readers and everything else is secondary.

If you have any other ‘whitehat’ income sources please use the comment section below to share your knowledge!

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