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How to Work Remotely is here to help you free yourself from the office. We are not a resource that sugarcoats reality. We do not promise ways that you can work for a few hours a week and retire at 35. We are about taking the necessary in life – work – and applying today’s tools to reinvent what that looks like.

You will either fall into three categories:

1. You are an entrepreneur and want to create and monetize and online business or service. The good news for you is that this is the absolute best time in history for this. Sites like Alibaba and fulfillment centers make it easy to sell a product at prices and scope of large distributors. Freelancing services are popular and my proven method. Or you could monetize an informational blog or entertainment site. The point is the possibility are endless. We at How To Work Remotely have put together the most comprehensive guide to starting your own income generating blog. The 10 steps to an income generating blog. 

2. Your job “requires” you to be there. You commute to work everyday just to turn on your computer. You write reports, analyze data, compose emails, make calls and have meetings. Every single one of those activities do not require your physical presence. In fact, if you work in an office building, chances are you are not employed to make or change anything physical. You are using your knowledge to complete a task that I am willing to bet is completely digital. For you, we will have a step by step guide on how to negotiate your way out of your office. Will be complete Feb 2015. Sign up here to get notified when this becomes available.

3. Your job absolutely requires your physical presence. You move physical objects in a skilled and learned fashion to complete a task. Some of these jobs are high paying and secure – some are not.

Secure Jobs – All Good Secure For Now Very Tenuous
Medical Practitioners Constcruction Worker Tax Preparers
Dentists Barista Most All Clerks
Product and Material Designers Medical Diagnostics Tellers
Engineers Education Dispatchers
Public Relations Drivers Any Type of Factory Work
HVAC Mechanic Bookkeeping
Marketing Managers Dental Hygenist Accounting
Business Consulting Pilots Drivers
Software Engineering IT Support

Now if you are in the secure job category and love what you do – Great! Here is a link to something that will keep you entertained for hours. If you would like to know how to use your expertise to make some extra cash on the side, consider our 10 step dummy’s guide to starting an income generating website.

If you are in the at risk categories, now would be a good time to build a back-up strategy and start training yourself in something that will still be relevant in 10 years. If you do not see your job listed above, this economic study has all the jobs listed in order of probability at the bottom of the study. It is estimated that 40% of current jobs are at risk of automation. Why not retrain into a job that is both secure and remote? We are compiling a huge list of jobs that can be done remotely as well as a comprehensive guide to retraining. Sign up in the email sign-up above to know the minute it comes out.

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