How to Choose a Niche

How to Choose a Niche


If you have ever asked yourself “How do I to choose a niche”, it is because picking a subject is tough. It will decide the course of the rest of your blog. But the good news is that not only can you pick the thing you are most interested in, you SHOULD pick it. If you are interested in something chances are other people are too. What you are trying to do is niche down your site subject and be the best resource for that in the world. Don’t create a blog because you think it is in a lucrative sector. I’ve done that and let me tell you that it sucks. After the initial glow of starting a new project there is no fuel to drive you through the times when you aren’t making any money. Plus, if you like what you blog about then building that site reputation will come sooner than you think. People can tell how excited you are about your topic through your words and pick up on it.

“But I don’t have anything I am really passionate about”

Totally fine. We are pressured in this world to find our passion and pursue it. If we don’t, then we think we are somehow losing at life. This is totally destructive to our drive and ego. You do not have to find your passion right now. Heck, you don’t have to find it ever. Most people don’t have something they could do day in and day out without tiring. What we are trying to find is an interest. That everybody has. If I were to start a fashion blog, I wouldn’t make it past the first day. But I could start one about travel no worries.

There are literally hundreds of thousands of subjects to blog about, and they are all lucrative because if you want to write about something, someone else wants to read about it. A perfect example of this is when I first heard about game casting. I thought it was the silliest thing ever. Who the hell is going to watch someone else play videos game. Boy was I wrong – The biggest channel on YouTube is a game-caster….and 7 of the top 10 are too. Pewdeepie has over 3o million subscribers. That is more people than who watch Walking Dead – the most viewed TV show ever. One guy playing games attracts a bigger audience than a crew of 200 and an entire network of marketing.

**For those who do not know, game-casting is when someone plays a video game, records their screen and acts as a commentator.

My point is: it doesn’t matter what it is, there is a market for it.

“But I am not an expert at anything”

You don’t have to be. You just need an interest to learn.

“But there are so many other blogs that deal with xxx”

Niche. Down. Combine two of your interests to make a new niche. I will use another example as those are always easier to visualize. Let’s use photography as it is a completely saturated market. 95% of the blogs are personal photography blogs and are garbage (my personal photography blog included). They talk about themselves, trips they have taken, photoshoots they have had. That is only of interest to family and potential clients.

On the other side you have the big photography blogs cover gear reviews and tutorials. You have ones dedicated to photographing autos, models, fashion, food, travel, architecture.

Looking at it, does that cover the full spectrum of photography?

No. Not even close. There is so much more room. Some examples:

Are you a law student who likes photography? Dedicate a blog to photographer rights. Curate stories about photographers who’s gear has been confiscated for shooting somewhere, limitations of press rights, the legalities and dangers of photographing riots, potentially ramifications for trespassing (to take a photo) state by state.

Were you the kid that took apart the remote as a kid and also like photography? Start DIY hacking some photogear. Be the blog that turns cheap photography gear into something cool. Turn that old Jansport backpack into a retro camera bag. Make that cheap tripod into a glide-cam system.

I am including this next one to show you that literally anything can work.

Like Hello Kitty and photography? Then you should know about all the latest Hello Kitty merchandise coming out of Japan. Keep readers unto date with any official camera accessories and/or bedazzle all you gear. Show people how to do it without messing up their electronics.

So here are just three examples that took 5 minutes to think up. If you are still stuck shoot me an email at and I will help you figure something out.

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