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“I was terrified of spending my life in a 9-5.”

Hi, my name is Sasha and like you I was dreading the prospect of living my life around my work. To only have 1/2 of my waking hours spent the way I wanted is only 1/2 living and that is terrifying. Why can’t we flip the script so work yields to our lives? – While still building a lifelong lucrative career?

Have you ever thought about how a certain jobs affect more than just your time at work? Have you missed a concert because you had to get up early the next morning? Had to pass on a trip because it was longer than a weekend getaway? This is when a non-negotiable time schedule negatively spills over into your personal life.

How To Work Remotely is not about quitting your job and sticking it to “The Man”. It’s not about traveling on a budget or being a full-time bum. We are about working smarter. We take advantages of modern day technology so you can live life on your own terms. I have been successfully working remotely for 4 years. Let me teach you what I wish I knew when I was starting. Come join the growing phenomena of Working Remotely.

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